Meet: Gourdough’s

21 11 2009

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In the latest wave of Austin trailer eateries, there is a clear standout.

Gourdough’s (Big. Fat. Doughnuts.) at 1219 S. Lamar Blvd. stands at the epicenter of an intoxicating cloud perfumed with pure, clean grease.  With offerings from the classic Naughty & Nice (cinnamon and sugar) to the Mother Clucker (topped with honey butter icing and fried chicken strips), there is something here for the most Spartan and adventurous doughnut-lover alike.

My first taste simply had to be the Flying Pig. Blanketed in super-sugary maple syrup icing and crowned with thick, crisp (but tender) bacon, it marries the best of salty and sweet. Each hamburger-sized doughnut is made to order, and thus arrives piping hot. My greatest joy in the Pig was experiencing its changes in texture as I lazily made my way through each bite. What at first was a pool of languid, syrupy topping became a sturdy crust. The soft, steamy dough began to resemble a fried biscuit, and the bacon—oh, the bacon.

At $3.25 (+ $1 for the meaty options), these glories may seem pricey at first, but these are not grab-a-dozen-and-hope-some-are-still-there-when-you-make-it-to-the-office fare. Each is easily a meal.

My next highly-anticipated conquest: Porkey’s–topped with Canadian bacon, cream cheese and jalapeño jelly. Or maybe the Sailor Jerry—“think rum cake.”

Other kickin’ doughnut purveyors:

(Please comment with your favorites—one girl can discover only so many.)

NYC-The Doughnut Plant
Portland-Voodoo Doughnuts
Chicago-Old Fashioned Donuts
Houston-Christy’s Donuts
San Fran-Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop




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22 11 2009

WOW! I want one of these next time in Austin!

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