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Hello there!  I’m Amanda, a 12-year retail/restaurant worker and lifelong cook.  My aim here is to entertain and inform, yes, but also, quite selfishly, to force myself to make more time for my passion for all things food-related.

I will be eating healthier, more responsibly-sourced foods.  There will be lots of shopping, research, cooking and babbling on about my experiences and opinions.  Who knows, maybe there will even be some travel involved.  That would be nice, wouldn’t it?  I could pack you in my carry-on bag.  I’m sure no one will notice.  It’ll be fine.

You can e-mail me, or follow me @truthorcake.


3 responses

8 11 2009

Hey Doll,
The site really looks great! and I pulled down some recipes you hadn’t yet shared with me….ahhh…..the pork chops sound great!!!!

20 11 2009

how is it working out for you?

21 11 2009

Great–thanks for asking! It has been harder than I thought to make time for some of the endeavors I’d had in mind when I started, though. Baby steps 🙂

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